Medical myth one

Fact or myth

MYTH: Medical myth one is true.

FACT: The first myth

With that said, this article will be about the famous medical myth number one. How can we be sure it is exactly number one and not number two?

Myth One

The notorious myth one was first discovered back in ancient Greece around 700 BC. The legend survived into the 21st century untouched. But science eventually conquered this false conclusion, and we now know that myth one is, in fact, fact two.

Fact two

Fact two was determined to be the correct conclusion for “fake news one” during the late 60:s. Yet to this day many people still hold myth one for real. Even doctors still believe in my one when it has been proven time and time again that fact two is correct and accurate.

Why do people continue to believe in false myths?

Because according to Dr Myths there are two kinds of people in the world: Scientists and Priests. The Scientist type needs proof and evidence to believe in something while the Priest believes in just about anything someone can imagine. This has to do with the two dominant personality types according to this article in the reputable newspaper The New York Times: 

“Even when myths are dispelled, their effects linger. The Boston College political scientist Emily Thorson conducted a series of studies showing that exposure to a news article containing a damaging allegation about a fictional political candidate caused people to rate the candidate more negatively even when the allegation was corrected, and people believed it to be false.”

In other words, as the famous saying goes “people believe what they want to believe”. When someone has made up their mind about something, it is very hard to change it, at least if you are the personality type Priest. The Scientist type is much more likely to change their minds in the face of overwhelming facts pointing in the other direction.


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