Humans cannot walk with an IQ below 80

Fact or myth

MYTH: If you have an IQ below 80 you would not be able to walk.

FACT: If you required IQ80 to walk how can a simple fly walk with 6 legs? Walking is complex but easily handled by even primitive insect brains. This is, of course, a grand myth that is finally busted.

IQ-80 myth

Where does this insane idea come from really? Someone without contact with nature I suppose. How high is the IQ of a spider or a centipede?

Do you really mean that a spider has an IQ comparable to humans level 80?

That is what is supposed to be required to walk, even according to real doctors of today!

But if you have “hundreds of feet” like the centipede you would with the same logic be required to be an insect-Einstein to be able to even walk around in the jungle. Clearly, this is not the case. Primitive insects can walk effortlessly with something that can hardly be classified as something close to a real “human” brain.

Insect brains surprisingly advanced

Recent studies, however, have in fact revealed that spiders, flies and wasps have a similar structure as mammals with a central core for processing of nerve impulses. Even if insect minds are impressive in their simplicity it would be wrong to draw the conclusion that you require human IQ level 80 to be able to walk. This is a “doctor myth” from long ago that has persisted into modern day.

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