Who is Dr Myths?

I’m sorry to disappoint you but Dr Myths is not a real person. It’s a play with words since this site’s focus is to reveal and bust medical myths which circulate in society. In other words, it is about doctor myths and the natural name for the site became “Dr Myths“.

Please don’t contact Dr Myths about any medical problems you might have. This is not a pharmacy and it is not your online doctor. You will not get any help with any medical problems of your own here, just read and get amused about all the false believes people have about humans, the body and biology.

Often these false medical rumours stem from old primitive research papers with too few participants or incorrect conclusion based on to little knowledge or data. Dr Myths is here to bust all those “Fake News” which are supposed to come from trained and well-educated paramedics and doctors at hospitals.

The English word myth originally comes from the Latin word mythus which in turn comes from old Greek word muthos.

This site is mostly for fun and casual reading but the intention is to mix facts with fun and be educational at the same time.

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